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Name: Rick Putnam
Age: 50
Hometown: Sherman, IL
Home Track: Allen’s RC
Years in RC: 7
Classes you race: 12 classes of oval, off-road and on-road
Favorite part of racing: just hanging with the guys and not thinking about work. Racing with someone closely lap after lap, whether it’s for the win or 7th place. Doesn’t matter as long as I raced someone.
RC Accomplishments: have won at least one A-main in every class I’ve raced except F1
Future Goals: Just continue to enjoy the hobby and help others enjoy it as much as I do
Why did you choose Rotor Ron? Needed a bit more go in spec motor classes and heard great things about Rotor Ron
Anything else u wish to add? Just a bit of advice to others: Take your racing serious enough to be competitive if that’s your goal but not so serious it ruins your day when you’re not. Don’t be “That Guy” lol.

Name: Wes Sealy, they call me Jerk or Jerky Man
Age:  I am 40 years old and my daughter Abigail is 7.
Home Track: “The Yard”, an astroturf off-road track at the Hobbytown USA Phenix City.
Years in RC: I’ve done RC since I was a small child, starting in Aviation wait my father around the age of 8.
Classes you race: Abigail races 2wd SCT and I race Stock 2WD SCT, stock 2wd buggy and mod 4wd buggy
My favorite part of racing: Sharing the hobby with new people. Seeing their face when they control an RC for the first time.
RC Accomplishments: My biggest achievement so far is starting the #TeamWFOtheYard. An amazing race group, we have novice and pro. We are very helpful at the surroundings tracks and a fixture at the local track.
Future goals: I hope to inspire anyone to pick up an RC and play with it. I want to inspire people to get into the hobby
Why you chose Rotor Ron:  Ron is very helpful and knowledgeable. He has helped me get my motor game in check and supply us with awesome products.
Anything you would like to add? I would only add that I have met the best people in the hobby. Everyone in the hobby seems to be genuinely happy about sharing the experience.

Name: Jerry Taylor
Age: 59
Hometown: Melbourne FL
Home track: Valkaria RC
Years in RC: 10 + years
Favorite part of racing: I like being at the track with the people that have the same interest that I do. I am more of a hobbyist than a racer.  Do some club racing.
Why did you choose Rotor Ron: Because of great advice, product line, customer service along with fast shipping.

Name: Kevin Wilson
Age: 45
Home track:  RCx213
Years in RC:  36 off & on
Classes you race:  17.5/mod 2wd buggy, 17.5/mod 2wd Short course, and mod Stadium truck. Favorite part of RC: The excitement of competition.
Rc Accomplishments: At EN hobbies Friday nights points series, finished 1st in open Stadium truck with a Rotor Ron 13.5. Finished 2nd in 17.5 SC with Rotor Ron 17.5, 6th in 17.5 2wd buggy with Rotor Ron 17.5.
Future goals: Represent my sponsors well and in a good light, stay competitive with my competition, help fellow RCers and bring some new blood to RC.
Why did you chose Rotor Ron: Because of the things I had heard/read and I wanted the best motors. (Oh and of course be accused of cheating!) lol

Name: Kat Ascott
Age: 35
Hometown: Windsor
Home Track: Rc Clubhouse(USA) Sparcs RC(Canadian)
Years in RC: 5 years
Classes you race: Powderpuff, 17.5 stock 2wd, 4×4 sct, Truggy(my favorite)
Favorite part of RC Racing: Traveling to different tracks, my track family, and the rush of a close battle on the track.
RC Accomplishments: Starting Rc Powderpuff, mentoring girls and women in racing. One of my proudest moments was when a dad told me his daughters only goal that summer was to be good enough to beat me.(she has twice and I am so proud of the work she has put in)
Future Goals: I want to travel to bigger events like Psycho Nitro Blast. Help grow the hobby by encouraging girls to start/stay in racing. Most are afraid of being made fun of or are intimidated by many of the guys on the stand.
Why did you choose Rotor Ron: Because he supports women in racing.
Anything you want to add:  I want to thank Bill and Melissa from RC Clubhouse for all the help and support, Performance Hobbies for believing in me. The Mielkies, Holtzmans and Hugh’s, Jay Martin and Ross racing for getting me started.  

Name: Nick Williams
Age: 42
Hometown: Cedar Falls, IA
Home Track: Island Speedway – Muscatine Iowa
Years in RC: 28
Classes you race:  Touring car mostly (USGT, VTA, 17.5 Stock Touring)  I do also dabble in 12th scale on-road, 10th offroad buggy, and F1 now and then.
Favorite part of racing:  I love the people, but more than that I love the challenge of racing on a small budget.  You have to get every ounce of performance out of your equipment.  That’s a ton of setup, analytics, and preparation (both on the equipment and my mind).
RC Accomplishments:  4th place USGT class at the 2018 USVTA Scale Nationals at Windy City RC.  1st place TT02 Enduro race Hobbytown Cedar Rapids IA.
Future Goals:  Right now I’m faster than I’ve ever been, but my main goal is to help my son become a great racer and be his mechanic.  I’ve always wanted to do that with one of my kids.
Why did you choose Rotor Ron?  I believe Ron really vets and believes in what he sells.  Shag oil is great!
Anything else u wish to add?  I think for many racers, myself included, sometimes motors can be a mystery.  Ron’s service is a great way to take some of that uncertainty out of the equation and just focus on chassis and driving.  Once you get yourself to a place where you are getting the most out of your motors and gearing, Ron has all the supplies needed to keep you on the top of your game.  The lessons I learned using Ron’s motors and the items he has helps me get the most out of my motors at every race.

Name: Tim Davis
Age: 39
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Home Track: Shifty’s
Years in RC: 9yrs
Classes you race: 2wd Mod Buggy, 4wd Mod Buggy & 13.5 Short Bus
Favorite part of racing: Racing hard, clean & above all else helping other racers on & off the track….& having a blast with my travel buds
RC Accomplishments: In the last 2yrs I’ve been pretty competitive with my friend Michael Twillings SC5M as a loaner & multiple people loaning me a 13.5 motor at the races
Future Goals: I’d like to compete at the REEDY RACE OF CHAMPIONS, attend a stock nats & make the mains
Why did you choose Rotor Ron? Rotor Ron just seemed Legit
Anything else u wish to add? I’d like to thank my setup mechanic Todd Sieler

Age: 39
Hometown: Dundee N.Y.
Home tracks: (winter indoor, Makintraxx in Rush N.Y. ) (summer outdoor is Crystal Valley RC Raceway in Dundee N.Y.)
How long have you been racing: About 3 yrs. I run 2wd sct stock and mod. I also like to run 2wd stadium truck.
The best part about racing: Spending time with my son and my rc friends and family. I like to travel and meet new people.
My best accomplishment: Watching my son win his first mod sct race and grow as a racer.
Future goals: To travel a little more, maybe attend some bigger races. To be that person who goes above and beyond to help others
Why did you choose Rotor Ron? Because I’ve always been a mom and pop supporter. I feel I’m getting that with Ron rather than these big name distributors. I like to support my track or local hobby shop also. Oh and I like going fast. Haha
Is there anything you want to add?: Ok here’s something about me that alot of people don’t know. I know alot of people want to ask but just don’t out of respect. 4 years ago I was in an ATV accident and I lost the use of my left shoulder, arm and hand because of nerve damage. I will never see it function again.  I started racing about a year after that and haven’t looked back since. Won my first trophy race in 2017 at Spirit in Girard, Pennsylvania a Toys for Tots race. This winter I placed 2nd at are N.Y. winter champs trophy race. Please see the the podium pic. We race weekly sometimes twice.

Name: John Ganas
Age: 21
Hometown: Valdosta, GA
Home Track: NewRed Hobbies, Ocala Fla
Years in RC: 1asses you race: 1/10 Buggy and SC Late model

Favorite part of racing: It’s a friends and family atmosphere and the racers are always willing to help one another
 RC Accomplishments: TQ’d and won both heats and main in my SC late model outlaw class.
Future Goals: To be a better driver and run bigger events
Why did you choose Rotor Ron?  I heard several people speak highly of Ron’s products from the local level to the pro level and decided to try them for myself. I wasn’t disappointed His products are second to none
Anything else u wish to add? I was born with mild cerebral palsy and always had a love for racing and other sports. When I’m racing I feel like I belong and am equal to everyone else
My advice for anyone in life or racing, Trust God, keep pushing and trying, and never give up.

Name: Brandon Almy
Age: 28
Hometown: Watford City, ND
Home Tracks: Magic City RC (Billings Montana) and Northern Mini Racers (Minot ND)
Years in RC: 3 years
Classes you race: F1, VTA, 21.5 TC, mod TC
Favorite part of racing: Hanging out with friends and meeting new people. Helping others with car set ups.
RC Accomplishments: 2017 Winter Riot 21.5 TC 3rd place(B main) 2017 North Star Classic VTA 3rd place (B main) 2018 North Star Classic 2nd F1 (A main) 2018 North Star 1st (B main)
Future Goals: Be a more consistent racer with lap times and start making more A-mains happen. Help out people in the way I have been helped in the sport.
Why did you choose Rotor Ron? First thing that caught my eye was “once I get the motor I don’t have to touch it again” part of the ad. But I also love to support small business as much as I can.
Anything else u wish to add? Just want to thank all the guys who help me at the track between Minot and Billings without them I wouldn’t be where I’m at now.

Name: Bryant Orme
Age: 16
Hometown: Statesville, NC
Home Track: Beach RC
Years in RC: 3 years
Classes you race: 17.5 2wd and 13.5 Stadium truck
Favorite part of racing: My favorite part of racing is getting to meet and talk to people.
2018 INS8 (BeachRC)
1st Place A Main         17.5 2wd Buggy (Independent/Non-Sponsored)
8th Place C Main          17.5 2wd Buggy (Expert)
4th Place B Main          13.5 Stadium Truck
2018 Masters of Dirt (BeachRC)
4th Place A Main                    Mod Buggy
3rd Place E Main                     17.5 2wd Buggy
2018 Cupids Revenge (Speed RC)
6th Place A Main                    17.5 2wd Buggy
2018 New Year’s Blast Off (Speed RC)
3rd Place A Main                    17.5 2wd Buggy
2nd Place A Main                    Sportsman
Future Goals: I hope to become competitive at the higher levels of stock racing.
Why did you choose Rotor Ron? When I first started out racing 17.5 buggy I had no I idea what to do about a motor. I had contacted many people and became most comfortable with Rotor Ron. Since then, he has supplied us with very valuable information along with motors and batteries.
Anything else you wish to add? I just want to thank Rotor Ron for the great motors, products and all the awesome advice!

Name: Dallas Winter
Age: 36
Hometown: Dubuque, IA
Home Track: DFRCR  (Dubuque Fair RC Raceway)
Years in RC: 4
Classes you race: 1/10 Late model, Spec Sprint 
Favorite part of racing: Just being at the track.  Getting away from the everyday grind. 
RC Accomplishments: I have always put myself into a more advanced class than my talent level allowed… So now, being able to hold my own in our “expert” class, and consistently finish towards the top is good enough for me. 
Future Goals: Have fun and always lend a hand to the new guys… Especially the young ones.
Why did you choose Rotor Ron? Actually, kind of stumbled upon Rotor Ron when I started out in Sprint.   A fellow racer recommended trying you out.
Anything else u wish to add?  Always help the young guys.  When I started in oval, I knew zero about car setup.  Luckily a couple of the guys helped me out along the way.  At our track we all try to share info, and keep everyone up to speed. It has made racing tighter, and honestly much more fun.  No one wants to race against the guy that wins by 4-5 laps every race.  Don’t be that guy (on the club level anyway).  After all we are just “playing with TOY CARS” 

Name: Jeremy Drey
Age: 34
Hometown: Early, Ia
Home Track: SRCP in Spencer, Iowa
Years in RC: Been into RC since I was a kid, but have been racing competitively for 9 years.
What do you currently race?: 17.5 Short Course and 13.5 Stadium Truck
My Favorite part of racing: has to be the friendships I’ve gained thru the hobby, that or long close battles with other racers no Matter A or B Main.
My biggest RC Accomplishment: Taking 1st in the 17.5 SCT AMain in the 2017 February Freqout at my Home Track. Another was taking 4th in the 2018 Brawl in the Mall 13.5 SCT Class while running a 17.5 against stiff competition. Others would be Top 3 BMain finishes at the very large Labor Day Races in Des Moines at different tracks thru-out the years, and taking top three places in many points series over the years.
What are your future goals: Rotate more around off the track goals by trying to help new comers to this gear hobby anyway I can, but of course I’m also always looking to practice to hone my skills as well.
Why did you choose Rotor Ron? With as competitive as stock racing has become i think Rotor Ron offers a unique service to make sure you’re getting all the performance you can out of your motors. He also provides great service after the sale and carries many other great products.
Anything else you wish to add?  Be the person that is happy to help other people at the track, because there will inevitably be a point and time when you will need help as well. Everyone got into this hobby for fun, so let’s all do our best to keep it fun! 

Name: Josh Corzette
Age: 39
Hometown: Ottumwa,IA
Home Track: B Fast in Knoxville,IA
How long have you been racing? Since the late 80’s
What classes do you run? 17.5 sprint, 13.5 late model. 
What is your favorite part of racing? Watching and helping the younger generation.  Some of these young kids are just amazing to watch and race with.
What have been your accomplishments?   Just happy to be competitive and having fun.  That is my accomplishment. 
What are your future goals?  Keep getting better this is my first year in dirt oval.  I’m sitting 10 points out of first.  If I can hold that and maybe some improvements I will be really happy. 
What did you choose Rotor Ron?  Very informative and up front.  Not too many people will give u an honest opinion.  Most just want to sell u something.   Quality is hard to find anymore and I haven’t had a bad experience yet with Ron. 
Anything else you wish to add? Just a huge shout out to the guys at B fast.  Great group of racers.  And to all racers out there don’t be afraid to try other areas of racing u will learn something from every experience. 


Name: Rich Nordholm
Age: 55
Hometown: Colona Il
Home Tracks: Thunder Road Hobbies & Rockstar Raceway
Years in RC: 32
Classes you race: 1/10th Late Model, SC Mod Dirt Oval
Favorite part of racing: Competition and meeting new friends.
RC Accomplishments: 1988 & 89 Norcar Nationals Illinois indoor dirt oval champion, 1991 Roar Super Regional Champion, 2011 Money Race at Big Bill’s, and many other wins and track championships over the years.
Future Goals: To keep racing on into my retirement years as long as I’m able to enjoy it.
Why did you choose Rotor Ron: Quick, quality service, backed up with great tech support. Ron is very helpful if you’re not sure on what you need.
Anything else u wish to add? I like the one on one service that Ron provides, I have dealt with larger companies and had trouble getting what I needed. That is not the case with Ron. Fast, Great service!  Ron’s vast knowledge of all aspects of RC racing help him know what you need. GOTTA RACE 🏁 See ya at the track!!!!!

Name: Steve Skeen
Age: 37
Hometown: Wood River, Nebraska
Home town track: Nescar Auto Scale Racers – Grand Island Nebraska
Years in RC: On and off since I was 5 years old, 32 years
Classes: Sprint Car, Late Model
What Like about racing: The competition and competing against friends
RC accomplishments: Just being a respected racer by my peers and clean driver
Future goals: Hopefully get my twin boys into the sport eventually if they show interest
Why choose Rotor Ron: I choose to try out Ron after talking to him and he seemed very knowledgeable and was very helpful on picking out a motor that would best fit my needs and application
Anything else u wish to add? Just would like to shout out to my father who got me started in the sport at a very young age. Also to all the guys that have helped me learn through the years in all the various types of RC racing I have done over the years. Any of the new guys out there just keep after it, the hobby does not happen overnight and most likely the fast guys at your track have been doing it for some time. Don’t be scared to ask for help. The thing I love about dirt oval is most the racers are willing to help each other out!