Nick Williams

Name: Nick Williams
Age: 42
Hometown: Cedar Falls, IA
Home Track: Island Speedway – Muscatine Iowa
Years in RC: 28
Classes you race:  Touring car mostly (USGT, VTA, 17.5 Stock Touring)  I do also dabble in 12th scale on-road, 10th offroad buggy, and F1 now and then.
Favorite part of racing:  I love the people, but more than that I love the challenge of racing on a small budget.  You have to get every ounce of performance out of your equipment.  That’s a ton of setup, analytics, and preparation (both on the equipment and my mind).
RC Accomplishments:  4th place USGT class at the 2018 USVTA Scale Nationals at Windy City RC.  1st place TT02 Enduro race Hobbytown Cedar Rapids IA.
Future Goals:  Right now I’m faster than I’ve ever been, but my main goal is to help my son become a great racer and be his mechanic.  I’ve always wanted to do that with one of my kids.
Why did you choose Rotor Ron?  I believe Ron really vets and believes in what he sells.  Shag oil is great!
Anything else u wish to add?  I think for many racers, myself included, sometimes motors can be a mystery.  Ron’s service is a great way to take some of that uncertainty out of the equation and just focus on chassis and driving.  Once you get yourself to a place where you are getting the most out of your motors and gearing, Ron has all the supplies needed to keep you on the top of your game.  The lessons I learned using Ron’s motors and the items he has helps me get the most out of my motors at every race.

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