Name: Kevin Wilson

Age: 45

Home track:  RCx213

Years in RC:  36 off & on

Classes you race:  17.5/mod 2wd buggy, 17.5/mod 2wd Short course, and mod Stadium truck. Favorite part of RC: The excitement of competition.

Rc Accomplishments: At EN hobbies Friday nights points series, finished 1st in open Stadium truck with a Rotor Ron 13.5. Finished 2nd in 17.5 SC with Rotor Ron 17.5, 6th in 17.5 2wd buggy with Rotor Ron 17.5.

Future goals: Represent my sponsors well and in a good light, stay competitive with my competition, help fellow RCers and bring some new blood to RC.

Why did you chose Rotor Ron: Because of the things I had heard/read and I wanted the best motors. (Oh and of course be accused of cheating!) lol