Josh Corzette

Name: Josh Corzette
Age: 39
Hometown: Ottumwa,IA
Home Track: B Fast in Knoxville,IA
How long have you been racing? Since the late 80’s
What classes do you run? 17.5 sprint, 13.5 late model. 
What is your favorite part of racing? Watching and helping the younger generation.  Some of these young kids are just amazing to watch and race with.
What have been your accomplishments?   Just happy to be competitive and having fun.  That is my accomplishment. 
What are your future goals?  Keep getting better this is my first year in dirt oval.  I’m sitting 10 points out of first.  If I can hold that and maybe some improvements I will be really happy. 
What did you choose Rotor Ron?  Very informative and up front.  Not too many people will give u an honest opinion.  Most just want to sell u something.   Quality is hard to find anymore and I haven’t had a bad experience yet with Ron. 
Anything else you wish to add? Just a huge shout out to the guys at B fast.  Great group of racers.  And to all racers out there don’t be afraid to try other areas of racing u will learn something from every experience. 

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