Rick Putnam

Name: Rick Putnam
Age: 50
Hometown: Sherman, IL
Home Track: Allen’s RC
Years in RC: 7
Classes you race: 12 classes of oval, off-road and on-road
Favorite part of racing: just hanging with the guys and not thinking about work. Racing with someone closely lap after lap, whether it’s for the win or 7th place. Doesn’t matter as long as I raced someone.
RC Accomplishments: have won at least one A-main in every class I’ve raced except F1
Future Goals: Just continue to enjoy the hobby and help others enjoy it as much as I do
Why did you choose Rotor Ron? Needed a bit more go in spec motor classes and heard great things about Rotor Ron
Anything else u wish to add? Just a bit of advice to others: Take your racing serious enough to be competitive if that’s your goal but not so serious it ruins your day when you’re not. Don’t be “That Guy” lol.

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