John Ganas

Name: John Ganas
Age: 21
Hometown: Valdosta, GA
Home Track: NewRed Hobbies, Ocala Fla
Years in RC: 1asses you race: 1/10 Buggy and SC Late model

Favorite part of racing: It’s a friends and family atmosphere and the racers are always willing to help one another
 RC Accomplishments: TQ’d and won both heats and main in my SC late model outlaw class.
Future Goals: To be a better driver and run bigger events
Why did you choose Rotor Ron?  I heard several people speak highly of Ron’s products from the local level to the pro level and decided to try them for myself. I wasn’t disappointed His products are second to none
Anything else u wish to add? I was born with mild cerebral palsy and always had a love for racing and other sports. When I’m racing I feel like I belong and am equal to everyone else
My advice for anyone in life or racing, Trust God, keep pushing and trying, and never give up.

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