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ROTOR RON offers dyno services for any 13.5, 17.5, 21.5 and 25.5 turn brushless motor. You can send me your motor(s) and I can dyno tune them and send them back to you.

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Rotor Ron customers are seeing better speeds and are winning with our motors. Don’t take it from us. Here are their stories.

“We went on to tell me he went The Chili Bowl and he lost his motor in a Midwest Modified heat race. His buddy let him borrow a motor I had tuned for him he had as a back up. Trent said he put it in his car the next round and instantly picked up 2 tenths. He said he went on to qualify 2nd overall in the class (53 entries), he then went on to finish 2nd in the A-main. […]
Trent Jenkins, 2nd Place winner at the RC Chili Bowl
“Tim Davis set TQ and won the Amain at Jakes RC Pro Am with his Mod SCT running a 13.5 R1 V16 against other mod motors. Devin Fleck won 13.5 Wheeler at Speed RC Raceway (owned by one of my fav racers ever Scott Speed). Way to go guys! […]
Tim Davis, Winner at Jake's RC Pro Am

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