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ROTOR RON offers dyno services for any 13.5, 17.5, 21.5 and 25.5 turn brushless motor. You can send me your motor(s) and I can dyno them. My dyno finds that sweet spot that every motor has that produces the most power and torque without losing efficiency. Once ROTOR RON find’s a motor’s sweet spot, you never have to touch it again. In need of a motor? With so many choices of motors these days, ROTOR RON can also help you find the perfect motor to purchase.

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Recently I have had some people on social media doing some hating on Rotor Ron.   [...]


Well its official…. Rotor Ron Acquires SHAG Oil!! After working with this product for more [...]

Rotor Ron supports our troops.

Rotor Ron loves our veterans! To show the love I now offer 10% off to [...]

Time management on raceday

Have you ever been at an RC race and thought man this should have been [...]


  • Freezing and Ice in February

    Grant Ryals went to the February Freeze at Bumps & Jumps RC Speedway & Hobbies in PA for the largest foam tire race in the country, with close to 300 entries. Using his Rotor Ron [...]

  • The need for speed!

    Tim Davis set TQ and won the Amain at JAKES RC PRO AM with his Mod SCT running a 13.5 R1 V16 against other mod motors. Devin Fleck won 13.5 Wheeler at Speed RC Raceway [...]

  • Rotor Ron at the RC Chili Bowl.

    At the 2018 RC Chili Bowl, Tony Lidgard took his Rotor Ron tuned R1 Wurks V16 13.5 wingless sprint to a Bmain win. Tony was not done there, he used that momentum in the Amain [...]

  • Rotor Ron on the podium at OCRC!

    Last month Kyle Robb bought a couple motors for the 10th Annual Pro-Line SurfCity Classic at OCRC Raceway. Little did I know what was about to happen. In 17.5 buggy Kyle qualified 16th of 87 entries. Starting 6th in the [...]

  • It not only ran about 5 degrees cooler it ran 3600rpm faster and kept pulling wheelies

    First off, whats not to like about a guy from Knoxville Iowa that races RC Sprint Cars? I tuned Cory Burgett's 7.5 Fantom mod motor and when he took it out the first time he [...]




 I also sell new & refurbished/reconditioned motors. Click the request consult button below and leave me your information and I will help you find the best motor for your RC vehicle.

Happy Spring! I wanted to give shoutouts to a couple guys that were my first customers.

Happy Spring! I wanted to give shoutouts to a couple guys that were my first customers. First, Cory Yoder made the 4 hour drive to Tea’s this past weekend for the 9th Annual Midwest Winter Nats and was able to bring home 2nd place in a stellar field of 17.5 Sprint Cars. Tim McCarthy wrapped up a couple points series this past weekend. Tim took 1st Place in 13.5 Wheeler on both Friday and Sunday series while brining home a solid 2nd place in 17.5 buggy on Friday night series. Both […]