Jeremy Drey

Name: Jeremy Drey
Age: 34
Hometown: Early, Ia
Home Track: SRCP in Spencer, Iowa
Years in RC: Been into RC since I was a kid, but have been racing competitively for 9 years.
What do you currently race?: 17.5 Short Course and 13.5 Stadium Truck
My Favorite part of racing: has to be the friendships I’ve gained thru the hobby, that or long close battles with other racers no Matter A or B Main.
My biggest RC Accomplishment: Taking 1st in the 17.5 SCT AMain in the 2017 February Freqout at my Home Track. Another was taking 4th in the 2018 Brawl in the Mall 13.5 SCT Class while running a 17.5 against stiff competition. Others would be Top 3 BMain finishes at the very large Labor Day Races in Des Moines at different tracks thru-out the years, and taking top three places in many points series over the years.
What are your future goals: Rotate more around off the track goals by trying to help new comers to this gear hobby anyway I can, but of course I’m also always looking to practice to hone my skills as well.
Why did you choose Rotor Ron? With as competitive as stock racing has become i think Rotor Ron offers a unique service to make sure you’re getting all the performance you can out of your motors. He also provides great service after the sale and carries many other great products.
Anything else you wish to add?  Be the person that is happy to help other people at the track, because there will inevitably be a point and time when you will need help as well. Everyone got into this hobby for fun, so let’s all do our best to keep it fun! 

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