Steve Skeen

Name: Steve Skeen
Age: 37
Hometown: Wood River, Nebraska
Home town track: Nescar Auto Scale Racers – Grand Island Nebraska
Years in RC: On and off since I was 5 years old, 32 years
Classes: Sprint Car, Late Model
What Like about racing: The competition and competing against friends
RC accomplishments: Just being a respected racer by my peers and clean driver
Future goals: Hopefully get my twin boys into the sport eventually if they show interest
Why choose Rotor Ron: I choose to try out Ron after talking to him and he seemed very knowledgeable and was very helpful on picking out a motor that would best fit my needs and application
Anything else u wish to add? Just would like to shout out to my father who got me started in the sport at a very young age. Also to all the guys that have helped me learn through the years in all the various types of RC racing I have done over the years. Any of the new guys out there just keep after it, the hobby does not happen overnight and most likely the fast guys at your track have been doing it for some time. Don’t be scared to ask for help. The thing I love about dirt oval is most the racers are willing to help each other out!

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