Kat Ascot

Name: Kat Ascott
Age: 35
Hometown: Windsor
Home Track: Rc Clubhouse(USA) Sparcs RC(Canadian)
Years in RC: 5 years
Classes you race: Powderpuff, 17.5 stock 2wd, 4×4 sct, Truggy(my favorite)
Favorite part of RC Racing: Traveling to different tracks, my track family, and the rush of a close battle on the track.
RC Accomplishments: Starting Rc Powderpuff, mentoring girls and women in racing. One of my proudest moments was when a dad told me his daughters only goal that summer was to be good enough to beat me.(she has twice and I am so proud of the work she has put in)
Future Goals: I want to travel to bigger events like Psycho Nitro Blast. Help grow the hobby by encouraging girls to start/stay in racing. Most are afraid of being made fun of or are intimidated by many of the guys on the stand.
Why did you choose Rotor Ron: Because he supports women in racing.
Anything you want to add:  I want to thank Bill and Melissa from RC Clubhouse for all the help and support, Performance Hobbies for believing in me. The Mielkies, Holtzmans and Hugh’s, Jay Martin and Ross racing for getting me started.  

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