ROTOR RON FAQ2017-07-13T13:28:42-05:00

ROTOR RON is here to help you tune your RC Motor correctly using dyno and other motor tuning tools. ROTOR RON will help you find that “sweet spot’ that all motors have. You can send yours in or purchase one I have in stock.

Below are answers to the questions we get asked most by customers to help answer your ROTOR RON questions.

What does your dyno actually do?

Every motor has a sweet spot where it makes the most power without losing any of its efficiency. My dyno puts the motor under 6 different loads on each run to find that all important […]


Radio Settings

Have you ever had something go wrong with your radio and could not remember what your settings were?  We use our phones for just about everything these days. When you find those perfect settings snap [...]

Battery maintenance & tips

When was the last time you did any battery maintenance?  Did you just give me a weird look or say "what do you mean"? It's one of the most overlooked things in RC Racing. Your [...]

Where should I temp my motor at?

I get asked alot...Where should I temp my motor at? The short answer is the center of the can. Some new mid motor vehicles make that really hard to do with the waterfall area covering [...]