Ben Northrup

Age: 39
Hometown: Dundee N.Y.
Home tracks: (winter indoor, Makintraxx in Rush N.Y. ) (summer outdoor is Crystal Valley RC Raceway in Dundee N.Y.)
How long have you been racing: About 3 yrs. I run 2wd sct stock and mod. I also like to run 2wd stadium truck.
The best part about racing: Spending time with my son and my rc friends and family. I like to travel and meet new people.
My best accomplishment: Watching my son win his first mod sct race and grow as a racer.
Future goals: To travel a little more, maybe attend some bigger races. To be that person who goes above and beyond to help others
Why did you choose Rotor Ron? Because I’ve always been a mom and pop supporter. I feel I’m getting that with Ron rather than these big name distributors. I like to support my track or local hobby shop also. Oh and I like going fast. Haha
Is there anything you want to add?: Ok here’s something about me that alot of people don’t know. I know alot of people want to ask but just don’t out of respect. 4 years ago I was in an ATV accident and I lost the use of my left shoulder, arm and hand because of nerve damage. I will never see it function again.  I started racing about a year after that and haven’t looked back since. Won my first trophy race in 2017 at Spirit in Girard, Pennsylvania a Toys for Tots race. This winter I placed 2nd at are N.Y. winter champs trophy race. Please see the the podium pic. We race weekly sometimes twice.

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