Battery maintenance & tips

When was the last time you did any battery maintenance?  Did you just give me a weird look or say “what do you mean”? It’s one of the most overlooked things in RC Racing. Your battery is the fuel for your racecar, here are a few things you can do to insure your connection is the best every time you plug in.

First off, make sure you clean your leads routinely. You do not have to do it every week but make sure its done after every 2 or 3 trips to the track.  You may be surprised to read this,  but plugs can accumulate dirty residue over time. You want a clean contact, every time. Just spray some motor spray on them to keep ‘em clean.  (see pic)

Next, you always want to make sure your bullets have a solid connection into your battery. Bullet plugs tend to ‘close up’ over time and get loose, that’s bad. You don’t want your plug coming out during a run, been there and it sucks! Most bullet plugs can be spread open slightly using a small screwdriver, just be very careful doing it. (see pic)

The connectors are not the only part to keep clean. you want the plug holes of the battery clean as well. This is really simple to do, spray some motor spray on a Q-tip and clean ‘um out. Again, this does not need one every race-day but after every 2 or 3 trip to the track.  (see pic)

Last and certainly not least, always pay attention to the solder joints where your wires connect to the bullets.  This connection will loosen up over time from grabbing it to connect/re-connect multiple times. I have a simple rule of thumb, if you feel it’s too loose, re-solder it. Better safe than sorry!


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