WANTED: Good, Motivated & Reliable RC Car/Truck Body Painter

I am looking for a good, self motivated and RELIABLE (that being the key word) body painter to paint bodies for the Rotor Ron website. My expectations are as follows:

-Paint 10 to 15 awesome looking bodies per month for my customers that I provide you. Most bodies are 3 color but I may want some 2 color as well.
-The bodies will be a mixture of buggy, short course, stadium truck, drag, oval and on road. Car stands occasionally as well.
-In most cases the paint schemes will be totally up to you, I just ask that they pop and look sick!
-In the other cases I would provide you with either pics or written instructions of what I would want done
-Ability to communicate any issues you encounter (no surprises!)


Just think, you will not have multiple bodies coming from multiple people. If you feel this is the right fit for you please email me at Ron@RotorRon.com with the following:

-Examples of your work. If you have a website or Facebook page please provide the links.
-Pricing requirements breakdown by: buggy, stadium truck, short course truck, no prep drag, on road cars.
-Any other information you wish to add.


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