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Hobbywing Xerun DRX Sensored Brushless Motor. This Motor is a powerhouse crafted for Drag Racing enthusiasts. With ultra-high RPM and superpower capabilities, this motor is specifically designed to excel on the drag strip. The motor case and end cover feature a large opening structure, optimizing heat dissipation for enhanced performance. Its dual sensor interface design caters to diverse wiring and layout preferences, offering flexibility for different setups. The widened and thickened copper bar design ensures reliability in handling large currents, delivering a seamless racing experience. The rotor's steel sleeve explosion-proof design reinforces its durability under ultra-high RPM running conditions, making the Xerun DRX  a top choice for drag racers seeking peak performance and reliability.



    Steel rotor sleeve holds up to the extreme demands of drag racing
    Dual sensor port for wiring convenience
    Modular case design makes maintenance a breeze
    Constructed from premium materials
    6% More Power over similar motors on the market
    20° C lower coil temperatures
    8°C lower external temperatures


    Type: Sensored Brushless
    kV Rating: 6500kV
    Input Voltage: 2S (7.4V)
    No-Load Current: 8.2A
    Diameter: 1.41in (36mm)
    Length: 0.73" (19 mm)
    Shaft Diameter: 0.2" (5 mm)
    Weight: 8.24oz (240g)
    Poles: 4
    Application: 1/10 Drag Racing


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Questions and answers of the customers

    Is this motor fixed timing or can the timing be adjusted?
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    Q Is this motor fixed timing or can the timing be adjusted? answer now
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    This is fixed timing 4 pole motor.