Recently I have had some people on social media doing some hating on Rotor Ron.   You know the type. The ones that talk big thru keystrokes during the week and hit tubes big on the weekend.  Let me give you some examples….  “Rotor Ron is an idiot”   “Why do you think his motors don’t make A mains at real big races.?”   “Rotor Ron is a total chode.”  (google that word!) “Every motor I have seen by RR has been junk”  “Only a fool would follow his lead”  I even had a true hater that stated  “He’s a F***NG A**HOLE.   That my friends is pretty deep!    “Why would you buy from anyone operating in their shed?”  What storage unit does Rotor Ron work out of?”  (Just for the record my shed is where I store my mower and outdoor items, I operate in my garage).

When someone trolls or makes posts like this its usually something they would never say to your face and its totally out of pure jealousy.   Part of me really wants to reach out and fire back at these people but that would mean that I am stooping to their level. I feel I need to defend my turf, protect this little business I have going on.  Recently, I reached out to a couple friends in the hobby that is very highly respected.  They told me some things that made me see the light

One said trust me, there will ALWAYS be THAT guy. Don’t worry about the trolls on the web. They have nothing better to do than gripe, complain and criticize people who are actually reaching their goals which is something most of them have failed to even TRY, let alone achieve.  He went on to say don’t let them bother you, you are doing great things. How is bringing in set up stations from Australia to the States a bad thing? Its not, keep doing what you are doing, and don’t let a few keyboard warriors take any time out of your day.

Then he went on to ask me if I knew what Hater stood for?  Haters Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.   That’s beautiful and so true!

Look, I know with success brings haters. We see it all the time in real life. Just look at all the Kyle Busch, New York Yankees, or insert any successful athlete, business person, politician or racer ect.  After 20 years in the world of eCommerce selling to the public,  I have learned you CANNOT make everyone happy.  What I find sad is this kind of hate towards someone you don’t even know.  Some of these comments are by other people that are also offering products or services to racers.  I would NEVER think of making such comments about a competitor in the industry.  Imagine the CEO of Amazon blasting the CEO of Walmart on social media saying those things above. It just really makes you look sad.

Rotor Ron started because you the customer/racer reacted to the products and services I offer and continue to offer. Am I perfect? No.  Am I going to make every racer happy? No.  Am I going to have a motor in the Amain of the ROAR Nats? Probably not, I don’t have the time to devote to travel to such races, and top tier racers want everything for free 😊. I work a real job during the day and spend my nights and weekends in the garage. I have been fortunate to have my motors win many, many racers across what i call Middle America at the local or regional level where the racers are that make this hobby great. At the same time my motor won the 25.5 Formula One National Championship in 2017, and The Texas Supernationals Pro Stock Drag races to name a couple, and have set TQ and many big races too.

One thing I have focused on is giving back to the RC Community thru giveaways in social media and trophy races or points series.  Anybody who has seen my social media giveaways understand.  To date I have given away over 60 free motors and countless other things like batteries and ESC, not to mention all the items I given away to tracks for their races/points series or the items I have given away at races I have attended personally.  I would much rather sponsor the small race in middle America than some big National event.  These haters do not know about the other items I have given away to kid racers to help them along or new people to the hobby. I just don’t feel I need to make a social media post saying “Hey look at me, I gave this kid this stuff”, that’s just not how I roll.  The people that know of these acts will let others know. It all comes full circle when you treat humans right.

Do I need to have a motor in the Amain of the Roar Nats to feel successful? Hell no!!  If it happens great but I would much rather get a random message at 10pm on a Saturday night from an everyday racer showing me their podium pic and thanking me for what I offer.

Keep those random messages coming!

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