Trinity Slot Machine 17.5 Turn Motor EFRA Approved FULL MONTY Dyno Tuned


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“Full Monty” is British slang for “the works”.  Its what I do to most all motors I tune. In other words, this motor has all options on it available to me. By using aluminum end bell screws, I am eliminating magnetic drag and interference that is caused by normal magnetic metals. Then I take it a step further and install ceramic bearings lubricated with SHAG Oil for even less drag. All these upgrades help unleash each motor’s true potential. The result is a motor that operates more freely and has improved efficiency. Also saves about 2g of weight. This is for a racer wanting the best possible edge.

This motor is professionally built and tuned to Rotor Ron’s strict parameters. What does that mean you ask? It includes the rotor properly shimmed, complete evaluation of stator poles, rotor strength & asymmetry and sensor board deviation. This motor has an aligned sensor board that is within my personal strict standards. Bottom line, you will get an awesome motor! Includes Rotor Ron Dyno Service and instructions that will get you up to speed, fast! Sensor wire, motor specs and dyno sheet included along with stickers for your vehicle.

The latest release from Trinity, EFRA Approved Motor.

They say that you should never forget where you come from. Here at Team Trinity we always like to take a good trip down memory lane to never forget where we came from. With that said, we are happy to bring back the Slot Machine name with our newest spec motor!

The Slot Machine picks up exactly where the X-Factor left off but goes a few steps further. The Slot Machine has a brand new, ground up, stator design that was designed with speed, durability, and efficiency all in mind. Both ends feature CNC machined end plates not only for looks, but functionality as well. With tons of space for heat to escape, you can be confident that your Slot Machine is staying cool in even the hottest of conditions. Having an open stator design not only helps with heat, but also allows for the use of long screws. The long screws go through both end plates as well as the new stator with new, reformulated, epoxy specially designed for strength as well as heat dissipation. Both durability and efficiency all in one! Not only that but, all new 90 degree solder tabs make soldering up your brand new Slot Machine a breeze!

More Quick Features:

    New 90 degree solder tabs

    2pc CNC Machined Aluminum can allows for more accurate deviation readings

    X-Flow Cooling which pulls more air through the can, reducing motor temps

    Infinite timing adjustment capabilities

    Modular Design with whole-can length hardware and replaceable end caps

    All new stator design with an immense amount of low end torque without skimping on efficiency

    Reformulated thermal Epoxy for best in class thermal dissipation

    Ultra-Rare Earth material magnets for heat resistance and longevity  

    Same proven sensor board as X-Factor Modified

    TEP1120 12.5×25.99mm Rotor Included

    Designed well within EFRA standards

    Should be used for EFRA only,  This is NOT ROAR approved

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