Kyosho 1/43 Scale Nissan GT-R R35 NISMO Grand Touring Car (Gray) KSR43110GR


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Developing a car that could be enjoyed tearing around a race circuit and then driven home at the end of the day was the concept underpinning the performance of successive generations of the GT-R. Nissan Motorsports International (now Nissan Motorsports & Customizing, NISMO) aims to raise this bar even higher with the CRS (Clubman Race Spec) concept car. When the CRS project commenced, only the 2nd generation GT-R (R32/R33/R34) existed, however in 2019 the R35 GT-R (2007-2013 model) was added to the line-up. The R35 was also the only version to have both Street Spec and Circuit Spec versions. The Street Spec version was based on the early 2008 model and included the suspension kit for 2017 and later models to achieve a more supple ride, while the Circuit Spec version was based on the latter of the mid-2013 models that produced the fastest time at the Nurburgring circuit. While the wheels on the Street Spec version were jointly developed with BBS and the Circuit Spec used different wheels to the R35 NISMO, the key difference in the Circuit Spec version was the suspension system based on the R35 NISMO N-Attack. In addition to the complete performance of the S1 engine designed to improve low-to-mid torque and accelerator response, know-how from the Super GT racing machine was also leveraged into the design of original aero parts to enhance aerodynamic performance. Testing and production were conducted at the NISMO Performance Centers headquarters based at the Omori Factory. There is no doubt this is the ultimate machine for R35 owners.

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