Erich Hagen – Winner, 17.5 Buggy – Halloween Havoc, HCRC in Idaho

Erich runs a Fantom Helix 17.5 with the Full Monty tune on it from Rotor Ron.  This is what he told me in an email.


I race pro stock 17.5 at HRCR Weekly in north Idaho and we have a group that is seconds apart every week. I was struggling to get the speed I needed to really keep up with a few of the guys even though I was running clean races. I had tried a few motors but they just weren’t quite enough. I decided to buy a new motor and figured yours would be a solid choice. Well I was right and was able to hold off the locals and a few out of town racers as well. These Fantom motors are no joke and I’m telling everyone to get one from you haha.

I had the tools I needed now but it was on me to bring it together! I was qualified 2nd but was able to lock up the win in the first 2 mains.
I’ll definitely be back for more when I need them!
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