This type of behavior is unacceptable.

A couple weeks ago I had a customer reach out to me saying that a motor they bought from me was having some issues and we narrowed the issue down to a sensor board. Out of courtesy (because he has already run it many times) I went ahead and sent him a new board at my expense $22.99.
Now 2 weeks later he claims the issue has come back. He seems to think that whatever he is doing on drag strip to make this issue happen is my fault and that I should just send him another one.  Sorry but that is not the way it works.  The idea of buying a tuned motor vs just off the shelf is that I hand tune/build every motor and test it and it obviously works before I put it in the box to ship it out.  Should there be an issue it would be found on my bench and taken care of during that process.
The surge in drag racing is bringing many newbies or people that do not have alot of experience in RC Racing. With that said they are strapping 3.5 turn or even 2.0 turn motors to 5lb cars and hurting alot of equipment in the process. Like this customer, many seem to think the issues they are causing is someone else’s fault. Sensor boards fail, its part of racing. Be happy its a $22.99 part and its not a connecting rod out to side of the block of $50,000 wide bore engine!
The way some of these guys attack people like me thru email, messenger or over the phone is simply unacceptable. I respond to every single message sent to me and always in a timely manner. I will fire back only when attacked first. I have been dealing with the public in some type of sales since I was 13. This motor was not first ever motor I did.  I am so tired of people like this.  I want to share this so its out there and made public in hopes that people like this understand this type of behavior is unacceptable!


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