This type of behavior is unacceptable. Part 2

This must be my lucky week!  Another drag racer that really needed his batter worse than anything else in the world.  Unless you live under a rock, its well documented all over the news the issues with the US Postal System. Now you add in the labor shortage which is a real problem in the trucking/transportation business and not just isolated to the USPS.  I shipped this battery same day the customer ordered it. I did my part. People have to understand that sellers have zero control over a package once the carrier takes possession. This buyer seems to think that I have control. In the almost 5 years of Rotor Ron I have had 2 total claims where USPS lost an item. Sure things sometimes get delivered late, it happens with any carrier.
For this customer to say I don’t care is simply so far from the truth its crazy.  Like I said in the response to him, how does that make sense. If he is not happy I am not in business. Its dumb to even say such a thing.
As I have said before, I will answer your questions in a timely manner but when you start attacking me or swearing at me, at that point I will treat you like you are treating me.
My question is this. Why does this type of behavior happen in the RC world. I just recently seen a post by Tekin that a customer swore and said unacceptable things to the daughter of the owner over the phone on a support call.  The daughter! Come on, that’s not cool at all. Swear at me all you want but don’t treat a woman that way.  Toy cars people!!!   Take a look at this one below.

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