The beginning….

Welcome to my blog. I want to use this as a platform to talk about new things at Rotor Ron, give out advice and tips, and discuss hot topics in the world of RC Racing.  For my first entry, I want to share how Rotor Ron got started.

Rotor Ron was never something I set out to do; I acquired a dyno for the sole purpose of learning more about motors and sharing that knowledge with a couple friends. Having been around real race cars all of my life I was always intrigued by engine dynos.  I got tired of all the opinions and ‘fake news’ and myths out there on the internet. Once I figured out how to operate it and understand the data, our cars got faster and smoother. Others around me noticed immediately and wanted their motors tuned. I’m a salesman by trade so I immediately saw the opportunity to recoup some money I paid for the equipment. I was only doing this locally and nobody had a bad thing to say about my work.  In a world where negativity is king, it’s nice to see so many happy people believing in me and my products.  Then, I took it a step further and realized I could take a used motor and make it better. I have heard all the horror stories of racers buying motors that have “never been overheated” only to find they paid for a paperweight. So, I was selling my motors on RC Tech, until they told me I sold too many and they considered me a business. They actually suspended me after getting a warning – great customer service right? OK fine, I am not going to pay their prices for a banner ad so I started listing them on eBay and I could not keep up with demand. Racers now were sending me their motors to tune and wanted to buy new motors from me. I could see it was time to take this to a new level.

In January I started Rotor Ron- thanks to Eric for calling me that at the track one night! I started with a Facebook business page and it took off from there.  Once enough racers started having success with my tuning and products, the response was overwhelming.  My motors are running at the front all the country (and other countries). I have shipped motors to every state but Alaska. (and now internationally reaching seven countries).  I have tuned motors that have won backyard races, club races, points races, big trophy races and even a national championship (F1 25.5) and the Texas Supernationals Drag Race with Tim Smith! Last I looked I have over 230 5Star Reviews on Facebook, that’s nuts that so many people take time out of their day to express how happy they are with Rotor Ron!

I am now selling batteries, speedos, chargers, and other accessories. It’s crazy to me, but I want to make my customers happy. I will only sell products I believe in personally. I will not sell a product just to make a buck, EVER!  Being a racer myself, I know what the needs of the racer is and I try to meet and exceed those needs and expectations daily.

As I head into 2018 I have a few things I will be expanding on and I am planning a surprise or 2 as well. One thing is for sure I could not do this without the racer’s support and I am forever grateful for that. Thank you so much!

Ron (Rotor Ron)

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