Well its official…. Rotor Ron Acquires SHAG Oil!!

After working with this product for more than two years, first as a racer, then during the past 7 months as a retailer of SHAG Oil, I believe that SHAG Oil is the highest quality, ultra-light weight ball bearing oil on the market today. Not only do I use SHAG Oil in the cars that I race, but I recommend the product for use in every motor I sell. So, when I was recently approached me about buying the company, I jumped at the opportunity because of my strong belief and experience with the product.” While the ownership of SHAG Oil has changed, Rotor Ron will continue to serve the RC community by offering the same high quality product along with the Rotor Ron commitment to providing superior customer service.

About SHAG Oil: SHAG Oil is an ultra-light weight ball bearing oil that provides exceptional lubrication to high RPM bearings. Additionally, while lubricating, the oil is purged from the bearing. The result is lower drag. SHAG Oil works great with any RC motor or any bearing in your RC vehicle. Each bottle comes with a needle applicator for precision application.

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