Rotor Ron’s Dirt Late Model

This is my personal Dirt Late Model that I race. Below I have listed the items I have installed in it that you can buy from the Rotor Ron website with links directly to them.

Chassis: C4 Chassis
Motor: Rotor Ron tuned R1 7.5  Click here to purchase.
Battery: Speedzone 6000mah Shorty.  Click here to purchase.
ESC: R1 Digital-3    Click here to purchase.
Savox SC-2265MG Black Low Profile High Speed Servo  Click here to purchase
Battery Bullets: 5mm Bullets    Click here to purchase.

All tires, wheels, and wire I use can be purchased on my website as well. If you need help choosing anything at all please reach out to me, I am here to help you!

Always be sure to use SHAG Oil on all your RC Bearings to keep them rolling smooth.  Click here to get your bottle today.

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