Ultra Power UP9 AC 100W / DC 200W 4 Port Multi-Chemistry Smart Charger


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The UP9 100W/200W AC/DC Four Port Multi-Chemistry Smart Charger is a fantastic choice for hobby enthusiasts with many batteries. The UP9 can charge up to 100 watts total on AC power (CH1+CH2+CH3+CH4=100W), and up to 200 watts total when using an external DC power source (sold separately). Each charge channel supplies up to a maximum of 5 Amps to charge your batteries quickly, and the integrated balance port allows you to charge modern battery chemistries requiring cell balancing safely. The charger runs on a 32-bit ARM chip for intelligent protection and safe charging. Safety features include over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, thermal protection, reverse polarity protection, and flame-retardant materials. For users with many similar batteries, the UP9 has a convenient "one key" charge function which allows you start charging on all 4 channels simultaneously with one program. The large 2.4" IPS color screen provides loads of information about your battery's condition at a glance. The menu system is easily navigated with the scroll/toggle wheel, and ch/exit button. This is a great charger for beginners and advanced hobbyists alike, get yours today!

Input Voltage: AC 100 – 240V, DC 11.0 – 18.0V
Output Voltage: 0.1 – 26.1V
Charging Current: 0.1 – 5.0A x4
Charge Power: DC Input: 4 x 50W; AC Input: MAX 100W (CH1+CH2+CH3+CH4=100W); Supports power distribution (2x50W or 4x25W
Balance Current: MAX 300mA/cell via integrated balance port
Support Battery Types: LiPo / LiHV / LiFe / Li-Ion (1-6S); NiMH / NiCd (1-16S); Lead Acid (2-24V)
LCD Screen Type: 2.4" 320×240 IPS LCD
Dimensions: 135x105x58mm
Weight: 550g

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