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The RC10T6.4 shares key components with the RC10B6.4, RC10B6.4D, and RC10B74.2 Team Kits, making it easier than ever to run multiple classes at the same time. Suspension and jumping goes through the large-volume 13mm big bore shocks with new truck springs. The new chassis design is a truck version of the RC10B6.4 buggy design and gets a new ballstud mount and top plate system with an angled steering for improved consistency. On top of that, racers can tune the steering height, axle trail, and caster inserts for tuning the front end feel. The rear end grip is improved with the optional C and D mounts and 93.5mm CVA bones included in the kit. Suspension linkage rides on the new 3.5mm diameter rod ends and turnbuckles.

The RC10T6.4 is updated to the latest racing specs to give racers an edge over the competition.
New Features of RC10T6.4

    New 13mm big bore threaded aluminum shocks and springs with machined shock pistons for improved bump and jump handling
    13mm machined shock pistons, 2×1.6mm front and 2×1.8mm rear
    New front ballstud mount and top plate with angled steering system for improved steering consistency
    New 3.5mm heavy-duty ball cups and turnbuckles for maximum durability
    Updated rear suspension with wider C and D mounts from the RC10B6.4 series
    New longer 92.5mm CVA driveshafts for more rear grip
    7.0mm blue aluminum rear clamping hexes with laser etching
    New chassis side rails with the RC10B6.4 fan mount system
    New truck length aluminum chassis with 22.5° kick-up to complement updated front-end geometry and with new shape to reduce chassis scrub with the track surface
    20 deg., 22.5 deg., and 25 deg. molded bulkheads included for a complete range of caster and kickup options
    B6.4 adjustable height steering bellcrank and rack system for optimized bumpsteer at all ride heights and caster angles
    B6.4 -1mm kingpin offset steering and caster block set for smoother and more predictable steering through the entire wheel throw
    Aluminum RC10B6.4 ESC mounting tray shifted forward in the chassis and with a wider footprint to fit electronics, resulting in a weight bias placed further forward
    Factory Team RC10B6.4 11g aluminum ESC tray

Legacy Features from RC10T6.2

    Gull wing front and rear arms and shock towers for improved high-traction handling
    B74.1 two-piece rear hubs with aluminum upper caps for fine geometry adjustments
    1.3mm front anti-roll bar and hardware included for added high-speed stability
    Laydown StealthR transmission included
    +1 carbon fiber steering block arms
    Updated front body mount is more rigid to protect body from cracking
    Lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum chassis with centralized mass and three mid-motor positions for improved handling on all track types
    Differential height adjustment with included 0, 1, 2, and 3mm inserts
    Easy access to differential
    Split slipper assembly for better weight balance and shock clearance
    Heavy-duty routed 4.0mm carbon fiber shock towers
    Aluminum shocks with 3mm shafts and X-rings for improved smoothness
    Machined pistons included for better fit and smoother operation
    Reverse bellcrank steering allows more room for mounting electronics
    Bolt-on steering block arms for easy Ackermann adjustments
    Aluminum rear ballstud mount for added strength
    One-piece shock bushings to make assembly easier
    Lightweight aluminum top shaft
    Aluminum C and D arm mounts included for large range of anti-squat and toe adjustments
    Factory Team upgraded ball bearing kit included

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