Keep your motor and all bearings in your RC vehicle rolling smooth with this 3 piece RC Bearing Maintenance kit.  This kit includes:
1 RPM Bearing Blaster
1 Large 13oz can of TA Emerald Motor Spray
1 Bottle of SHAG Oil for bearings

First, blast away debris from your bearings with the RPM Bearing Blaster! This is a simple two-piece design to simplify difficult bearing cleaning tasks. The RPM Bearing Blaster has an open, flow through design that eliminates back-pressure, which also permits more efficient elimination of dirt and grit from the bearings being cleaned. This tool uses hand pressure to hold the bearing in place during cleaning which means easier access to the bearings being cleaned and makes cleaning bearings much quicker. By using hand pressure, you will know for sure the cleaning agent is passing through the bearings and not bypassing them.  Simply hold the tool together with one hand and blast it with TA Emerald motor spray from the other hand.

Once your bearings are dry lube them with SHAG Oil.  Reinstall in your car and race hard!

Keep your motor running smooth with the motor spray as well every couple race days. A clean motor is a happy motor!

All 3 items are $35.97 if bought separately, this kit saves you money and I even include some stickers for your car.

Rotor Ron approved and recommended!