You demand the best, so does Rotor Ron! This is the best 17.5 motor I build and tune.

“The Full Monty” is British slang for “the works”. In other words, this motor has every option available on it. By using aluminum screws and timing ring, we are eliminating magnetic drag and interference that is caused by normal magnetic metals. Then I take it a step further and install ceramic bearings lubricated with SHAG Oil and use Teflon shimming for even less drag. All these upgrades help unleash each motors true potential. The end result is around an average of 500 more rpm on the dyno (under load) and improved efficiency. Also saves about 2g. This is for a racer wanting the best possible edge.

Professionally built and tuned to Rotor Ron’s strict standards, which includes the rotor properly shimmed, complete evaluation of stator, rotor strength & asymmetry and sensor board deviation.

Includes Rotor Ron Dyno Service and instructions that will get you up to speed, fast! ( A $19.99 Value! No need to ever touch the timing again!) Motor specs and dyno sheet included along with  stickers for your vehicle. Sensor wire sold separately (I have 4 different lengths to choose from on the website)

The Technology:
-Proprietary R1 Stator Laminate Material
-R1 V21 Stators are designed using computer simulation technology
-Epoxy bonded end wind
-Ultra low resistance collector ring
-All of above results in lower resistance compared to V16
-Improved punch and top end
-Aluminum timing ring included

The Application:
Perfect for any 17.5 class.

The Status:
-BRCA UK approved
-EFRA Europe approved
-ROAR Approved

If you are unsure this is right for you, please reach out to me first before purchasing.

Rotor Ron always recommends SHAG Oil to keep your bearings running smooth.

*R1 Motors do not come with sensor wires, I have 3 sizes to choose from in the “Add On” section.