New from R1 Motor lab is the new Super LCG 80A top of the line spec racing brushless speed controller. Developed using the most advanced CPU technology and proprietary software combo, to deliver the smoothest most responsive throttle feel yet.

Months of data analysis was done both on the race track & on the dyno to fine tune the Super LCG power delivery & brake strength. The controller offers the same advanced throttle and brake adjust-ability as our Digital 2 ESC to suit a wide range of driving styles. The system offers blinky mode (zero timing) for spec racing. All adjustable settings are easily programmed using our digital program box, designed with an intuitive, easy to use interface. The unit also features A.C.L.C. Advanced Component Level Cooling system, this design allows individual Mosfets (inner & outer components) to transfer heat directly to the upper heat sink. The Super LCG saves up to 50 grams (including wire) of weight compared to our full sized ESC, and has a nearly 30% smaller footprint. Please see the comparison picture.

-Comes Pre-Wired
-Low center of gravity
-Ultra lightweight
-Advanced high speed micro controller
-Enhanced throttle smoothness feel and brake strength
-Blinky mode for spec racing (zero timing)
-Optional digital program box (w/plug in and go) intuitive and easy to use interface with auto-save
-Premium low ESR caps included
-All aluminum enclosure that features ACLC (advanced component level cooling)
-Adjustable throttle and brake frequency. Allows you to further customize throttle feel and power delivery
-Most advanced programmable turbo and boost functions.
-Motor and ESC temperature protection
-User adjustable low voltage protection
-MS Windows software used for future firmware updates
-Designed to pass ROAR, BRCA, EFRA zero timing (blinky) ESC regulation/rules.



  • -Operation Mode
  • -Reverse Speed
  • -Low Volt Cut off (Battery Protection)
  • -Drag Brake
  • -Initial Brake
  • -Full Brake
  • -Brake Frequency
  • -Power Level
  • -Drive Frequency
  • -Neutral Dead Band
  • -Temp Cut Set
  • -Boost Timing
  • -Boost RPM
  • -Boost ACC (Boost Timing Acceleration)
  • -Turbo Timing
  • -Turbo Slope
  • -Turbo Delay
  • -Rotation Mode
  • -Restore Default



Scale: Radio controlled 1/10th scale vehicle
Continuous current: 80A
Current Burst: 380A
Power input: 5-7 cells Nimh/NiCd or 2s Lipo, 2s Life
BEC output: 6V/7.4V @ 3A
Wire: 14awg
Cooling fan: 25x25x7mm Premium High Speed Fan
Motor: 540 size 2 pole Brushless sensored
Motor limit: 13.5T
Dimension: 31.5mm (L) x 25.6mm (W)  24.6mm(H)
Weight: 25g without fan, capacitor and stock wiring

Program box and fan is recommend and are sold separately.

Rotor Ron Approved.