I have tried alot of tire glue on the market and I believe this is one of the best out there.

The Pro-Line’s Tire Glue is the strongest bond possible between the Tire and Wheel is a critical aspect of performance and tire longevity.
Pro-Lines new Tire Glue has a Hold Strength of 3,200 PSI which is the highest Strength of any Tire Glue available.

The Pro-Line Tire Glue features a super soft and squeezable Round Bottle that improves feel as you apply the glue.


  • Custom Glue Formula Specifically Designed for Maximum Bond with Tires
  • Super-Fast and Crystal Clear Drying
  • Maximum Strength Bond 3,200 PSI Holding Strength
  • Unique Super Soft Round Bottle for Optimum Feel and Stability
  • Re-Usable Snap Fit Yellow Pro-Line Tire Glue Applicator Tips