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JConcepts hits the track with another weapon for the carpet and AstroTurf racing world. The Nessi tire, shares styling cues from its successful brother, the Lockness. Racing on artificial surfaces require a lot of stability and forward-bite and the design team went to work to substantially improve performance. The new tire brings a new 3D blended pin-size, pin-separation and a light-weight and incredibly low-profile carcass. Now, the Nessi is available pre-mounted for serious racers lusting for a professionally mounted package.

Designed in the industry standard 2.2" bead mounting size, the Nessi is very versatile and has shown to work in many natural and artificial conditions. The semi-circle protrusions, unique to the Lockness and now the Nessi are included in the center section of the tire and on the sidewall area. These details are important and the low semi-circles improves side-bite but also minimize grip-rolling instances associated with normal pins.

The pink compound marked with 2 pink dots on the tire represents a new compound for JConcepts, a medium soft material with good wear characteristics. The pre-mounted JConcepts tires include open cell, medium inserts for plush control mounted on #3348 Mono wheels available in bright white and florescent yellow.

JConcepts fit, finish and design
3D blended, medium-height pin-size for quick reaction
Semi-circle protrusions for side-bite
Low-profile, wide stance carcass
Incredibly low-profile carcass for rolling speed

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