I Seem To Have A Hater!

Last week this guy sent a message to my personal page asking me to check my business page for his message. Oddly enough I did not answer him because it was in my spam box. On Facebook your message can end up in spam for sending too many messages or being blocked too many times from other members.

I responded to his message, he was looking for a 2.0 turn drag motor. All he had to do was search my website which I told him. I did not say anything out of line but he took it way out of proportion.  I have also been warned by a couple other customers of this person and his bad attitude in the past. Apparently that was my day for him to release his pent up anger.  He did not order from me, he went and ordered direct from Fantom then sent me the screenshot of the order.  Not sure what he was really trying to prove?

Today, April 7th 2021 I had a customer reach out to me to let me know this guy made a post about the situation on his personal racing page then went on to share it on any page he could. This guy is single handedly trying to ruin my business because of a simple RC car motor.

Please keep in mind this guy has NEVER ORDERED ANYTHING FROM ME….EVER!!!!  I do not have any order by his name or his business name in my database. I have searched it any way I could think of even by his city and zip and no order from him!

Please be aware of one thing here. I will NEVER talk bad about another business, especially on social media.  Any smart person can see how bad it makes you look by doing such a thing.  I mean does Ford bash Chevrolet? No! . I know how hard I work to make things happen for you racers so why would I ever post bad things about another business trying to put food on their table for their family?

I will never understand people like this.  Here are the screenshots for you all to see. Note, I did not say anything out of line like he does to me.

Note: I did call him after this conversation just to let him know I did not appreciate the way he talked to me on messenger as I was simply trying to tell him how to order the motor. He then proceeded to yell at me and I eventually just hung up on him when it was obvious he was refusing to hear any side buy his own.

This person also has no clue the countless hours and weekends that given up to run a successful business like Rotor Ron. Not to mention the $1000’s of dollars I have given back to racers by sponsoring races and contests over the years.

Please someone make this person and his HATE seen to the admins of these pages he is posting slander about Rotor Ron on.  Yes I said HATE, this is total HATE and BULLYING and it should not be tolerated on any level.




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