All this over 8 bucks?

I have been dealing with the public as a salesperson since I was 13. I wish I would have documented all the crazy stories and people I have come across in those 35 years, I would have one helluva an entertaining book! But now with my own blog I can can kinda do that. I present to you exhibit #45,983.

Lately, with all the uncertainty in the world everyone is  seeing some random delays within the postal system. It well documented all over the news. As much as I would rather ship all these small RC items with UPS or Fedex, its just not possible financially. That same pair of tires that cost $3 to ship would cost at least $8 thru either of those 2 carriers. With that said, I ship 100’s of orders each and every week and about 2 or 3 a week are showing up late. Sure it happens, but everything is getting delivered in time.

Yesterday, I had a customer approach me very forwardly about his 3 feet of wire that he felt should have been delivered to him because he was only an hour from me. Sure, I get it. It should have yes. But rather than accept what the tracking says he asks me to find his order in his email to me. Please explain to me how I am supposed to find his order?  I am being serious, please do not laugh at me. Should I have closed shop and driven to the Peoria where it was last scanned and demand to find Fred’s order?

Take a look at the conversation screenshots. We have become a society of “NOW”. We want everything NOW. Gotta have it NOW not later at anyone’s expense. To hell with the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic and fellow humans are dying daily at an alarming rate. To hell with the fact that I did my job, I shipped his order on time and the Post Office is the one that is making the delay. This customer acts like I am the Post Office and its my fault.

Fred says my customer service skills suck (keep in mind he has no idea that I have been in sales for 35 years). Maybe his people skills suck?  Just a thought.


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