4 Poles Of Glory….

After months of no hard work and zero time testing I am proud to show off the all new artist rendering of a motor from Rotor Ron. Since all these drag racers seem to be smoking something, I am calling this the Crack Rock 1.0. Due to the popularity of 4 pole motors all of a sudden in the drag racing game I decided to throw my hat in the ring. So I had someone draw something up and put it up for sale and take your money until they arrive on the mainland (just kidding but you can add your name to the waiting list if you want to).

The Crack Rock 1.0 has a brand new, ground up, stator design that was designed with speed, durability, and efficiency all in mind. (Just kidding again, it’s the best available I can find in China) Both ends feature CNC machined end plates not only for looks, but functionality as well. (That is a lie too, its just the color and design I was stuck with but the off white does look like a true Crack Rock!). With no room for heat to escape, you can be confident that your Crack Rock 1.0 will run hot as a junkie’s spoon! The only thing I made easy for you is the backwards mounted 90 degree solder tabs to make firing up your brand new Crack Rock 1.0 a breeze!

Checking in at a cool 6941.17KV this Crack Rock 1.0 will be the envy of everyone at your local strip.

Quick Specs:
– Best in class, 6941.17KV
– New A C B endbell design for even more cogging off the line!
– Comes in one color, off white. That same color of the crack ya’ll are smoking!
– Comes with standard bearings, no need for ceramics when you are running a Crack Rock 1.0!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


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